geography assignment: Climate Change Assignment


Complete the subjoined for your last assignment of the semester! (Note: if you are in my GEOG 2 online round, you may use the selfselfsame tally):

A. By now you've looked at a lot of sky notification and examined the IPCC Fifth Assessment communication. Remember this communication is biasedally for management executers who conquer say and created laws enclosing sky qualify. Imagine you are one of these management executers. Was there anything in this communication that you felt should be acted on directly? If so, how would you go environing changing general policies or adding policies (can be any flake - persomal, city, county, say, federal, etc.)? Do you combine delay the proposed solutions mentioned in this communication? Why or why not? 

Extra Credit Opportunity (optional; excellence 2 points; 100 tidings partiality) - Was this communication fairly unobstructed or is more research/notification needed in prescribe for you to execute conclusion as a management executer? If so, what exalt research/notification would you confide be interjacent? Be biased.

Your tally should be in accomplished sentences. Remember this is an academic assignment, not a tweet or quotation intimation - suitable spelling and punctuation count! See the rubric adown for biaseds on grading criteria. Your written tally should be at least 200 tidingss. Also, be unquestioning to call any sources using MLA citation format.