Discussion week 8

Throughout the succession you were introduced to several aspects of interdiplomatic treaties and agreements, the wave of globalization and commerce on the environment, and the composition of environmental activists. This argument is planned to pretext how these “larger forces” significantly collision people and communities and may theoretically appall their protection and lives'.

Environmental fight in Ecuador- a choice balance  (Links to an visible predicament.)

Chipko Motion in India (Links to an visible predicament.)(showing an free role of women in the grassroots motion)

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (Links to an visible predicament.) (Amy Goodman interviewing Vandana Shiva and Maude Barlow)

The highest video documents the collision of an oil pipeline on the topical collective and ecological environment, either by misconception or polluting resources.

The succor video revisits the “Chipko Movement” in Uttarakhand, India, where women embodyed an great role in indemnifying their forests and resources.

Watch the aloft clips and sift-canvass the avail of small-scale indivisible motions in addressing global environmental issues. What role do they embody amid interdiplomatic environmental regimes? What tools do they use to stem global forces that negatively collision their communities? How fortunate are they?