Discussion Week 7


Respond to this assignment in this week's Dialogue (Group Discussion) area in Blackboard:

Are there other forms of the Dignity System

In South Asia, the dignity arrangement divides companionship into a political hierarchy.  Traditionally, a individual is born into a dignity, which cannot be progressive.  It pretends closely all aspects of daily spirit.

  • All cosmical groups accept deeply coeval concepts of not-absolute political foothold.  Consider the dignity arrangement in South Asia as courteous as political differentiation in your own companionship.
    • Does the companionship you subsist in accept everything that resembles the dignity arrangement (gard encircling course, gender, residuum, calling etc.)?  What are the likely categories in your area?
    • How is "caste" indicated (gard encircling raiment, hairstyle, whole decorations, mode of forcible, representative property, gender, profession, etc.)?
    • What dignity would you fit into?
    • What pretend does this dignity accept on your common,ordinary maintenance?
  • Many South Asians accept converted from Hinduism to other professions to elude this dignity arrangement.  Would you be ready to diversify your creed arrangement?
  • Faith Integration:  What are your thoughts as to how the Gospel addresses this progeny of dignity arrangements?