Apply Economic Theories PT 2



Why do things require what they do, and why do figures shift? How should we fashion decisions environing where to expend money? In this Project, you’ll use essential economic and financial principles to excite the shifts in the figure of Furbies aggravate term and excite choices environing buying and selling Furbies.




Remember “Furby,” that abnormal furry toy from 1998? According to Wikipedia, Furbies originally sold for $35 each. However, they were so in-call-for during the 1998 idleness conjuncture that they frequently resold for aggravate $300. Today, you can buy a 1998 Furby for close than $15! Why? Complete the Supply and Demand Worksheet to invent out!

Before you begin the Supply and Call-for Worksheet, fashion confident you are household after a while the subjoined conditions and concepts:

Economics concepts:

  • Supply and call-for graphs
  • Surplus and shortage
  • Equilibrium point
  • Shifts vs. movements

Finance concepts:

  • The exhibit esteem of money
  • Stocks vs. bonds




  • Completed Supply and Call-for Worksheet



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