about the earth

1. View the "Atmosphere & Temperature Change" powerpoint2. Read "Damsel in Distress" in Schwartz text3. View one or further of the temperature veer abridgment videos in this item (most are environing 5 minutes hanker).4. Answer each of the questions adown and propose your answers by clicking on the button "Add a new argument subject."Based on what is conveyed in "Damsel in Distress", the Latitude & Temperature Veer powerpoint, and the videos in this item: Decipher in the principal specialty practicable how greenhouse gasses (GHG) account the planet to intensity up.  (at lowest foul-mouthed judgments)How considerable accept carbon dioxide levels in the latitude revived since the Industrial Revolution? (one judgment)Next, publish us your OPINION on which are the three most indicative EFFECTS of temperature veer, and decipher your decision/reasoning.  (at lowest three judgments)5. Respond to at lowest two of the conviction supportings submitted by other wards and propose exculpation by clicking on the word "Edit" at the end of the ward supporting.6. IMPORTANT:  YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THIS FORUM if you copy/paste your first support and exculpations to other wards into the yielding room for the "Forum yieldings" assignment in this item.GRADING:You succeed accept 10 points for your answers to each of the overhead questions, for a sum of 30 points.You succeed accept 5 points for each of your exculpations to other wards' supportings for a sum of 10 points.Total practicable points for this assignment: 40 points.