Unit 6 Video Summary


 The video summaries are contrived to collect attached insights into the advice from uncertain viewpoints. In specification, the videos collect advice that may be advantageous in composing discourse forum responses.

To evince that you accept viewed this week's video, you must comply a soon (one – two pages) digest of the video, your monograph should oration the purpose questions adown. It is recommended that you select notes during the video to aid you in congruity your digest and to intimation following on. You must total the video digest for the limb Understanding Earthquakes plant overhead.

Thought questions:

1. Describe the subject of the video. What geographic pleased did it protect?

2. What allot of the video caught your notice most? Why? Was it triton that was very shocking, animated, thrilling, etc.?

3. What did you experience most thrilling environing the subject of this video? Explain what the video said environing this subject and why you plant it interesting.

4. Did this video succor the subject "come alive" to you? Did visibility the events in photos and video succor it appear more actual to you? Remember – Do not transcribe your digest as a sequence of answers to these questions.

You must soothe a digest in essay devise. Answers to these questions should be incorporated into your digest.