Unit 5 Video Summary



The video summaries are contrived to prepare affixed insights into the advice from multitudinous viewpoints. In adduction, the videos prepare advice that may be advantageous in hypnotic argument forum responses.

To reveal that you enjoy viewed this week's video, you must comply a narrow (one – two pages) abridgment of the video, your monograph should harangue the cogitation questions adown. It is recommended that you receive notes during the video to aid you in congeniality your abridgment and to allusion later on. You must consummate the video abridgment for the segregate Plate Tectonics plant aloft..

Thought questions:

1. Describe the subject-matter of the video. What geographic willing did it secrete?

2. What segregate of the video caught your care most? Why? Was it something that was very mournful, animated, animated, etc.?

3. What did you perceive most animated encircling the subject-matter of this video? Explain what the video said encircling this subject-matter and why you plant it attractive.

4. Did this video acceleration the subject-matter "come alive" to you? Did seeing the events in photos and video acceleration it appear over veritable to you? Remember – Do not transcribe your abridgment as a sequence of answers to these questions.