Topics-Hist Of Math

    In all cases, your replys should be explicitly arranged and should execute unfair relation (delay quotation) to the highest texts. You should discourse along the way each of the inquirys contained in your chosen inquiry, but your essay should not proportioned be a bullet-top reply, but rather a meditation on the inquiry that synthesizes your thoughts on the diversified peculiar inquirys. You may deficiency to (and in some cases accomplish accept to) decipher past our assigned thoroughfares. Do not demur to obtain?} a model, nor to foster a inquiry that you perceive puzzling and potentiality deficiency to believe about past. 500-600 utterance is an embezzle prolixity. 

Return to the three versions of (in our stipulations) “solving a quadratic equation” that we encountered in the highest week of class: the Babylonian tablet YBC 6967, Proposition II.11 of Euclid’s Elements, and the thoroughfare from Chapter V of al-Khwarizmi’s Al-jabr wa’l-muqabala. As we accept mentioned, what is or is not classified as “algebra” has been a cause of extensive bickering in novel historywriting; but as delay manifold phenomena, the designate we cull for it is a impecunious replace for believeing carefully about it. Go through these three texts carefully, and depict similarities and di↵erences between them. Formulate a (provisional! you want not testify by this at any later top) specification of “algebra” or “algebraic rationalistic.” Explain what motivates your specification, and depict to what space each of these texts conforms to your specification.