These are 2 different questions! Separate the sources please For question 1 put sources under the question and do so for question 2

1.    The 2016 Presidential sspregard was unequalled for a number of infers but, one of the most unswerving findings from the egress polls and component breakdown from the sspregard fix that the priority of colorless components in integral predicament (notably, earlier Obama components) utteranced for Donald Trump. The priority of components from non-colorless groups utteranced for Hillary Clinton. This skin of rive in the utterance was attributed to separate variables, including then-candidate Trump's racialized style.

Will it happen repeatedly in 2020? 

Please procure a contemplate at the media underneath on the 2016 sspregard and by using media from academic or negotiative gregarious sources (i.e. anatomy sites, gregarious pundits and journals), forecast whether the colorless-PoC rive succeed happen repeatedly in 2020? Or succeed it be concurrently other lines? 

FYI: Media isn't a infer, don't regard media- believe over it.

2.    Legislation are government are not orderly urgent, but implementation, thus the Presidency is greatly momentous and cogent. The chattels of a separate government on our empire can be far reaching as the implementation of synod passed by conclave or the actions of a separate government can accept consequences less and abroad and set forth big changes to our daily lives.

For this crucial summon, students succeed be required to elect an government- excluding the subjoined President's: Washington, Kennedy, and Trump- and realize one verification plan that had a desire abiding impression on domiciliary or interpolitical affairs.

Students must successfully:

- Clearly and properly pair the President and their Policy.

- Explain the texture, in which, the plan was independent by the government, or if it was a legislative example and why the President at that season advocated for that plan.

- Realize who was affected by the plan, twain unconditionally and negatively.