statistics problem

Presume you are the marketing overseer for a consortium of auto chafferers who sell/deliver throughout the Continental United States, and you are careful in promoting a new animalism manner chaffer on a important network waning intelligence program (ABC, CBS or NBC).  You induceed an ad hoc aimless scantling of 150 viewers decisive obscurity which inspired that 53 watched the intelligence on ABC, 50 watched CBS, and 47 watched NBC intelligence.  Induce a politeness of fit test sig .05, and then use/cite at lowest three other sources of marketing instruction to assistance which intelligence program you would applaud advertising on to get the tidings out to targeted buyers (male, 25-54 years of age, foothold known, and a household allowance of further than $90,000 per year). Develop your resolution dissection using the Occurrence transcribe-up format granted (restriction of 600 tidingss).  In the methods section identify at lowest two sources of hypotheses testing invalidity and/or reliability and debate how you strength lessen this pitfall.

NOTE:  This is not a group/team scheme and each novice is to induce their own sole dissection and occurrence transcribeup.  Also, handwritten analyses (after a while the exclusion of the calculations) accomplish not be certain (that is, Use Microsoft Word).


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