Signature Assignment: Creating Visuals From Data

The aim of this assignment is to fabricate trial creating visuals using the facts for the subject-matter you clarified in Week 2. Use statistical rationalistic and unpoetical modeling to exhibition mediate attraction and two-variable analyses, including return delay equation and R2 prize. 

Watch How to Produce Trendlines and Scatterplots in Excel®.

Watch® Video: Adding Trendlines to Charts. This video can be accessed below Student Materials on the proper cause of the ward.

Watch® Videos: Creating Pie Charts, Histograms, & Box-and-Whisker Plots. This video can be accessed below Student Materials on the proper cause of the ward.

Create at averageest three visuals.

  • One visual must be a scatterconcoct delay tend method, equation and R2 prize.
  • Two of the cherishing required visuals can be a histogram, box and whisker concoct, or pie chart.
  • Please voicelessness that the facts sets grasp facts that conquer not be needed to produce your visuals. Quantitative rationalistic requires ticklish thinking to career what facts is indispensable.  

Create a Word instrument that grasps your three visuals and the subjoined items:

  • Title of your device and the scenario you are addressing
  • Brief cognomen of each visual (15 to 50 say)
  • Consider including the subjoined for each visual when applicable:  
    • A chart epithet that is withhold for the facts
    • A illustrated x-axis label
    • A illustrated y-axis label
  • For your xy scatterplot, make at averageest one prognostication using the tendmethod equation for some determination into the advenient. How sanguine are you in this prognostication? State your prognostication and supply maintenance (50 to 150 say). 
  • If you produced a box and whisker concoct, illustrate the mediate attraction of the prizes. What does this betray you encircling the facts and encircling your device?
  • Calculate the average of the case facts. 

Here's the facts that I used for my week two attestation assignment.


Expected   Payouts 


2004             90001           37412


2005             90001            39841


2006             90001            40123


2007             90001            43122


2008             90001            44125


2009             90001            51229


2010             90001            59748


2011             90001            57008


2012             90001            56727


2013             90001            57985


2014             90001              6312


Predicted 2018 Values