Research Paper

Each novice conciliate collate and dissimilarity the substantial geography of a couple of assigned nations. This adaptation assignment is intentional to contribute novices after a while a balance in-depth conception of important substantial geography elements in two irrelative assigned nations.  Additionally, the assignment conciliate contribute a balance undiminished conception of rational/structure interaction, concurrently after a while environmental issues, after a whilein these nations.

 Format: Papers are to be double-spaced, 12-font after a while 1-inch margins. No balancespread page is required. Feel your spectry written at the top of the primitive page, after a while a distinction and page numbers.


Your Nursing Dissertation absences to be organized in portion make, including an intro and a disposal.  The intro portion absences to feel a specific thesis statement that bestows an balanceview of your separation of the esthetic in its undiminishedty (This is best written AFTER doing all the elaboration and adaptation for the Nursing Dissertation).




Any photographs, maps, tables, etc., absence to be fast at the end of the Nursing Dissertation merely, and they do not number as part-among-among of the extension of the Nursing Dissertation. If you absence to unite a balancespread page, it conciliate as-well not number towards the Nursing Dissertation extension.




The similarity of adaptation on each of your two numberries should be roughly similar in extension.

Sources, Bibliography:

You must feel at lowest 5 academic/scholarly beginnings aggregate and list them in a bibliography at the end of each Nursing Dissertation.  Use MLA or Chicago Manual of Style which you can Google to perceive websites after a while examples of this makeat.


All beginnings MUST be cited in the organization of your Nursing Dissertation (see “In-Text Citations” under) AND listed in a bibliography, otherwise you conciliate admit a score of ZERO for the Nursing Dissertation and hypothetically an F for the undiminished progress!



Copying and pasting balance 20% of your Nursing Dissertation from another beginning, after a whileout providing citations, is an automatic F.

The 4 part-amongs of the progress Nursing Dissertation:




Part 1: Lithosphere


- For each numberry, what is one important geologic element (can comprise mountains, waste, plains, seashore, etc)?


- Briefly portray these elements, how they came to behold affect how they do today.


- How are rationals using these elements (tourism, structure shyness, hallowed possessions, extracting resources, etc)?


- Does rational use of these elements engender institution for the advenient of these elements, or the wildlife endow on them? If so, elucidate how.


- Print pictures of the geologic elements, or maps showing where these elements are located, and unite them to the end of the Nursing Dissertation.




Part 2: Atmosphere


- For each numberry, portray the year-round sphere endow in the importantity of the numberry (sphere maps conciliate acceleration after a while this). If there is a spacious medley of sphere expressions in one numberry, righteous eliminate one city and portray its sphere. Be infallible to comprise notification environing atmosphere, dregs, and seasonal varys in twain, such as the extremes of the atmosphere and dregs differences.


- Has sphere vary already impacted these nations (whether the mass or the normal environment)? How so?


- What is one important institution for each numberry in the advenient kindred to sphere vary? What is entity performed environing it?




Part 3: Hydrosphere


- What is one important organization of insinuate endow after a whilein, or neighboring to, each of your assigned nations? Portray them, and bestow a dwarf term of where they are endow.


- How are rationals using these elements (fishing, tourism, wildlife etc)?


- Does rational use of these elements engender institution for the advenient of these elements or the prop organisms endow after a whilein them? If so, elucidate how.




Part 4: Biosphere / Environmental Sustainability Challenges:


-What are 2 environmental sustainability issues (deforestation, urbanization, poaching, etc.) in each of your nations, secret from sphere vary itself? This can as-well entangle environmental problems rationals visage, such as soilure or insinuate dearth.


- Why do these problems depend?


- Sustainable harvest entangles balancing the environment, the distribution, and association to end the best long-term benefits for all. What expression of sustainable harvest programs/efforts depend to better your nations’ environmental problems? Your exculpation can comprise actions entity charmed by either your assigned nations or other nations providing support. 

Countries: Bhutan, Burma (Myanmar)