Critical Infra Protection Section 01 Spring 2020 CO

Final PPT Project: Due, Sunday May 3rd. Present your Delicate Infrastructure Ultimate Plan to D2L precedently or on May 4th for your ultimate exam space. PowerPoint should be 15-20 slides, on the delicate infrastructure you reviewed and reasoning the most delicate during the semester. You must enucleate one Delicate Infrastructure Sector out of the 16 to reconceal the purposes literary and strengthen a Surrender Management Framecomposition in your authority purpose for that Delicate Infrastructure. Make confident you conceal all the components of the Surrender Management Framecomposition including the Recomposition Loop. Your PPT should so condense the key features of the Delicate Infrastructure you adopt including how it is delicate and alike after a while other delicate infrastructures as well-mannered-mannered as contingent on some. In concise, this is your ultimate plan and the attempt and notice you bear smitten from the class should be reflected in your ultimate plan. This is technically our ultimate week and your ultimate plan is due present Sunday, May 3rd. The advanced emanate box is known until May 4th in plight you scarcity to present any advanced composition. Let's conclude strong! 

Your ultimate exam plan allure be in POWER POINT format and assess the surrender of one of the 16 Delicate Infrastructures.

You allure use the NIPP Surrender Management Framework.

Assess threats to Physical, cyber and anthropological elements by:

Setting confidence goals

Identify possessions, systems, Networks and functions,

Assess surrenders, consequences , vulnerabilities and threats,


Implement Protective Programs

Meaconfident Effectiveness

Use the feedback loop to constantly revisit new items on the framework.