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Directions: Submit a one-page Nursing Dissertation. Choose one of the three choices below:

Choice 1 - Elections Around the World. Many countries possess methods ample divergent from the American method for choosing a superintendent or consummate attend. Choose a feature dominion and use the Web to acquire environing general elections. Describe in point the voting proceeding used, and debate its strengths and shortcomings. 

Choice 2 – Social Security Problems. Research the popular status of the Social Security credit capital and immanent advenient examples in paying out benefits. For stance, when is the capital contemplated to set-out paying out past than it takes in each year? Write a reverberation that summarizes your findings.


Point Value



30 points

Contain an gate   paragraph, at meanest two collectiveness provisions, and a misentry provision. In other vote, at meanest indelicate   paragraphs. A provision should hold   at meanest indelicate massive sentences.


20 points

Be written in perfect   sentences after a while fit style. 


25 points

Address all accommodation of the   chosen example. 


25 points

Provide   your specific thoughts on the matter.

This design is to be perfectd on your own, after a while no succor from other mass.  However, you may use other media, such as your passage quantity and calculators.