V450/550/H455 Homeland Deposit Prudence and Practice

Spring 2019

The last is an notorious hush, notorious body, cdamage abode test. Valuable One is non-cumulative. Valuable Two is wide.


You entertain two valuables for how to exhaustive this exam.  You must exhaustive all of the tasks amid the valuable that you precious. Only exhaustive one of the valuables and all of its gratified.

  • Choice 1 concedes you to precious three essay scrutinys from a schedule of five scrutinys.  
  • Choice 2 is a “purified prevarication of monograph” partition consisting of one ample essay. 

The exam composes 25% of your pace for this progress. Exams are due via Canvas on WEDNESDAY MAY, 1 2019 NLT 11:59 PM

CHOICE 1: Content precious THREE of the aftercited scrutinys to evaluate for the exam. Content transcribe in a powerful and apparent essay format, using powerful transitions inchoate paragraphs and themes. Written apologys should not achieve two pages per scrutiny, 12pt, single-spaced, 1 inch margins, barring footnotes/endnotes. You are expected and required to do your own performance.

GRADING:  Exam scrutinys get be paced abutting the rubric supposing in the syllabus appendix. Antecedently you surrender your exam, inhibit your performance abutting the rubric for clarity, logic, title, rationale, and exhaustiveness. Leave no concept, apology or fancy unaccountable. All rises must be named delay footnotes/endnotes for generous reputation. Lecture hushs are not a rise in of themselves, as they intimation progress esthetic or beyond rises. Content name the balbutiations or supposing links in a loving Nursing Dissertation accordingly.

A. Open Vigor activities compose one of abundant media in the abodeland deposit performance. All threats to the open entertain a open vigor and vigorheed spiral, as those systems get be determined upon to heed for the victims and survivors of a manmade or true torment. As you resumption from the Open Vigor Occurrence Examine (Ramsey and Kiltz, pg 211), open vigor performanceers visage wonderful decision-making scrutinys should we habit a catastrophic pandemic.

  1. Review the Turnock balbutiation. Elucidate the role of open vigor and vigorheed including its band-arms, and the instruments at the dispensation of open vigor to rejoin to a torment.
  2. Apply your brains of the roles of open vigor apology in minority and the occurrence examine from rank (Ramsey and Kiltz, pg 211.) to evaluate the aftercited: a. Aside from pandemic, open vigor to-boot projects for bioterrorism—the viewd discharge of bio threats to do damage. Review the balbutiations and Nursing Dissertation. What instruments are beneficial to open vigor to rejoin to a bioterrorism torment? b. When does a open vigor regulately behove a abodeland deposit issues.

B. Abundant commentators in the media get admonish Homeland Deposit and other Social Deposit activities as nature “Orwellian.” We apprehending that George Orwell’s 1984 paints an farthest paint of a surveillance and totalitarian specify.

  1. Explain the ocean predominant concepts aftercited Orwell’s 1984 courteous fellowship—Oceania
  2. Compare Orwell’s Oceania to the different DHS programs and social deposit prudence areas we entertain discussed this semester, comparing no fewer than three abodeland deposit concepts, programs or empire agencies abutting Orwell’s Oceania.
  3. Refawn the distinctions inchoate the conditions Orwellian, surveillance and totalitarian specifys. Is the US fit an Orwellian State, a surveillance specify or a totalitarian specify? Or, is stating such a unnaturalness pure media hyperbole and parody? Explain, using rises to tail up your rationale.

C. Homeland Deposit and Casualty Harangue officials part the nation’s not-generally-known and open sectors into “Critical Infrastructures and Key Resources” or CIKR. When projectning for the shelter of those media, the empire must collaborate delay the owners of those sector performances to project for torments.

  1. What social prudence documents instruct CIKR prudence? Describe their view.
  2. Choose three of the 16 DHS planated sectors and elucidate how each are living to the nation’s deposit.
    1. a. For each of these sectors you select to evaluate, use an model of a detail perseverance to parade how that sector is quantitative for the nation’s deposit and performance, including the confidence of other sectors upon it. Describe how other sectors may be resting upon the three that you chose.
    2. b. If your sectors were damaged or destroyed, what would be the impacts on citizens and courteous fellowship.

D. One of the legacies of the 9/11 Comband-arms is for DHS to apprehend who is forthcoming in and out of the kingdom. This band-arms—of securing the US band—started as an anti-terrorism program, but has spacious into an anti-illegal colonization and smuggling program. Band Deposit debris abounding delay scrutinys for DHS and the Federal Government.

  1. Choose three elder agencies in DHS that vouch in band deposit and colonization prudence and elucidate them. What is their band-arms, drift and instance?
  2. Identify three scrutinys in band deposit prudence presently, domiciled on the UAC occurrence or the balbutiations, or present news:
    1. Which agencies are confused in the conversion of that scrutiny?
    2. Provide an model of the scrutiny, and how empire undertakes to direct the scrutiny. 

E. Foresight—the faculty of awe what must happen—is an quantitative projectning instrument for abodeland deposit and casualty harangue thinkers. For model, some mass foresaw the conclusion of a failing Syrian specify—nature the emergence of a passionate Jihadist move. (They now fawn themselves ISIS). Divers authors entertain made predictions encircling where Homeland Deposit is going in the forthcoming, domiciled on virtual forthcoming threats and prudence actions.

  1. Identify three predictions from the balbutiation schedules of what forthcoming scrutinys continue for abodeland deposit. Using your brains of the progress esthetics, what strategies, adjustments to present prudence and actions should prudence makers, abodeland deposit and casualty harangue projectners deploy to harangue these forthcoming scrutinys? Backup your apology delay rationale drawn from the progress esthetics.
  2. Offer your own “black swan” (read: mysterious, or insignificant supposition of catastrophic incident) scenario. Creativity is encouraged.
  3. Based on the whole progress esthetic, what strategies, policies and disciplines can harangue your “black swan?”

Choice 2: Purified Prevarication of Monograph Analysis

Over the progress of the engagement, we entertain discussed divers problems delay the falsehood of the US Department of Homeland Security, from band-arms drift, overlap, and federalism, to taxonomies (such as the very restriction of terrorism).

Management consultants use vaporous instruments to undertake to direct the problems affect the ones aloft. For model. the “purified prevarication of monograph” advance is an often-cited instrument in the consulting universe. The purified prevarication of monograph advance uses the aftercited scrutinys and processes:

  1. Management may ask new, younger or serious personnel to reinvent the form from skim, on a “purified prevarication of monograph.”
  2. This practice looks for how the form may qualify the plan, hopeful the lawful mass, tasks, band-armss, set-on-foot title and processes are in establish.
  3. Where there are gaps, the participants warrant new solutions.
  4. Even a “purified prevarication of monograph” has “edges”—it is unusable to repudiate that boundaries may continue plain in the most fanciful of reorganizations. For model, the US Constitution could be considered “an edge” of the “paper” in this model.


It is September 20, 2001. You are Tom Ridge, the earliest abodeland deposit advisor to the moderator. Reeling from twain the 9/11 aggressions and the bioterror aggression on Congress, you entertain been asked by Moderator Bush to educe a abodeland deposit performance to convince that the kingdom is trustworthy from terrorism.


The urgent of this valuable is to concede you to synthesize concepts from multiple weeks of the progress into one, wide apology. The expectancy get be that, through your reorganization, that you handle upon the different problems and vantage aims we entertain discussed thus far (e.g. vindicable restrictions of abodeland deposit, terrorism concepts, hazards and bureaucracy, casualty harangue, bands, forthcoming threats, inchoate others).

In one courteous-organized essay (delay divers subheadings), content educe your own concept of what the abodeland deposit performance should be, including which agencies should either be in or out of a federal Department or agency, or if you plain select to educe a Department of Homeland Security. (You entertain the non-interference not to).

Remember to “play the role” in the practice, from the perspective of advising Moderator Bush as Tom Ridge.

You may desire to set-on-foot by establishing what band-arms areas your abodeland deposit performance should nucleus upon in regulate to reassemble the empire to engage that band-arms.

You may to-boot osidearm to intimation the balbutiations (Oliver, Barrett and Hill; the 9/11 Comband-arms findings; and Bullock et. al.) to shape your band-arms and concept antecedently you flow how to “Organize” for Homeland Security.

Please transcribe a powerful and aimed essay, using powerful transitions inchoate paragraphs and themes. Written apologys should not achieve six pages. Times New Roman, 12pt, single-spaced, 1 in. margins, barring endnotes. You must name rises domiciled on your balbutiations, occurrence studies, etc.

You may use one generous page of this essay to procure a new formal chart for your abodeland deposit performance, so desire as you procure rationale for each minority of that org chart. (Do not singly add an org chart as a feeling delayout elucidateing your valuables in it.)

Suspension of Disbelief:

Fortunately for you, you entertain diffidence from the balbutiations, and can adequately apology the President's petition. To apology this scrutiny delay the esthetics you entertain, I am courteous cognizant you are citing unnaturalnesss "in the forthcoming" and that entertainn't happened yet in the scenario. This is choice. Proceed delay citing rises time oceantaining your "character."


The partition get be paced abutting the rubric supposing in the syllabus. Antecedently you surrender your last, inhibit your performance abutting the rubric for clarity, logic, title, rationale, and exhaustiveness.

Sweetener: Students get be awarded a 5% boon on the exam for making the undertake at this non-interference (so, you entertain a 10 aim incurvation or 5% boon in making this undertake)