One Page Summary: Major United State’s Foreign Policy Reversal Today

You keep decipher in the tidings today, President Trump resolute on a dramatic displace in US Foreign Device today.  He has recalled US soldierlike patronage of Kurdish fighters. Instead, he has announced patronage for Turkey that is antagonist the Kurds.  

APA Format, in one page digest the decipherings.  This is a main device veer delay International Politics implications.

You failure to thrive chiefly the thriveing reactions:

1. Pentagon and State Department reactions.

2. Reactions from about the cosmos-people chiefly from US allies.

3. Media Reactions.

Begin your apprehension of this grave harvest by deciphering these primal stories published this early in the links below:

The New York Times - October 7, 2019

The Washington Post - October 7, 2019