meteorology:watch a movie


1. Choose a film that contains a sky oddity. (You can get manifold of these movies for FREE from the Salt Lake City or Salt Lake County library systems, and some are to-boot conducive on Netflix or Amazon Prime)
2. Watch the movie!
3. Choose a sky oddity to scrutiny (if there is over than one in the film).
4. Use books, information declaration, textbooks, and erudite declaration to collect over environing the understanding aback this oddity (restriction of three references). Please DO NOT adduce Wikipedia pages, though they may be a amiable begin to guide you toward over divert references.
5. Write a 500-700 (or over) engagement blog shaft or webpage
-How was this film kindred to the sky? How was sky used to propel the story bold?
-What is the understanding aback the oddity you chose to scrutiny?
-How polite-behaved-behaved or diseased did the film delineate the verity of this oddity?
6. Establish safe you include divert graphics/videos, embedded into the shaft. To-boot hyperlinks to divert pages can be serviceable as polite-behaved.
7. At the end of the shaft establish safe you inlcude your references (restriction of three) adduced in a congruous diction.

Here is an stance of a blog analyzing the philosophical foresight of "Gravity": (Links to an outer place.)

Here are some feasible films. There are MANY other possibilities. If you affect a doubt environing if a film procure product, affect bounteous to notice me and ask!
-Into the Storm; 2014; Directed by Steven Quale
-The Day After Tomorrow; 2004; Directed by Roland Emmerich
-The Perfect Storm; 2000; Directed by Wolfgang Peterson
-Twister; 1996; Directed by Jan de Bront

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