Math Pre- Assessment


Part 1: Pre-assessment and Implementation

Follow these steps for this week’s arena experiment:

  1. From your foregoing contemplation in your arena experiment disposeroom, you identified 3-5 students, overhead, at, or beneath plummet consummation in the disposeroom environment that would advantage from attached acquirements assistance. You so identified the plummets and ace that your warner dispose is currently acquirements.
  2. With this advice, finished the “Math Pre-Assessment” where you educe a pre-assessment in the math satisfied area that aligns to the plummets and ace that your warner educationist shared delay you during Clinical Arena Experiment A. This pre-assessment can be verbal, written, or finishedd through technology. The pre-assessment should authenticate ho well-mannered-mannered separated students perceive the concept and afford facts that would yield you to indicate acquirements gaps and needs in command to educe an mismisappropriate lecture to assistance acquirements needs.
  3. Share the pre-assessment delay your warner educationist and ask for his or her feedback.
  4. Administer the pre-assessment that you created delay the separated clump of students and use the facts to furnish for Clinical Arena Experiment C.

Part 2: Reflection

In 250-500 opinion, summarize and muse on your arena experiment and the steps you took to authenticate students for the pre-assessment. Consider:

  1. How did the pre-assessment afford facts to indicate the acquirements gaps and needs of students?
  2. What challenges did you aspect when educeing and delivering the pre-assessment?
  3. Explain how you get use your findings in your forthcoming negotiative manner.