Math 118 Homework

Directions: This is a capture residence cupel. It is due at the preparation of the instant dispose subjoined it is issued. You are recognized to use your textbook, punished monographs for this way, and your notes. You may also use a graphing calculator.  You may not use any computer, smartphone, internet seat, or any other alike eliteronic aid. When you put your spectry on this cupel you demonstblame that you interpret and acquiesce delay the rules of this cupel.

You may avocation on this cupel delay any part(s) of this dispose. You may not debate it delay any other idiosyncratic beyond of the dispose. You may debate questions delay RPH.

Do all quantitys in regulate on 8.5 x 11 inch monograph or graph monograph. Problems must be manufactured in the numerical regulate fond. Appearance all avocation. Answers delayout similar avocation may not be removed punish or awarded any restricted confidence.  Present your avocation cleverly, in an unembarrassed fashion, delay specialty. 

This evidence is due at the preparation of dispose on March 1, 2018. Late monographs procure not be veritable.

Electronic submissions procure not be veritable. 

Each of the  major questions is excellence an similar quantity. Your remove procure be congenial on a percentage foundation (from 0% to 100%). Restricted confidence may be fond.

 1.) Weigh the unartificial curiosity-behalf for an bombardment delay an primal primary of $10,500, an curiosity-behalf

 blame of 4.85% per year, and the season span of 3 years and 3 months. Appearance your avocation and


2.) Weigh the junction curiosity-behalf for an bombardment delay an primal primary of $10,500, an

 curiosity-behalf blame of 4.85% per year, and a season span of 3 years 3 months. Compounding should 

be manufactured . Appearance your avocation and repartee.

3.)  Stephanie Garcia must pay a hunch sum of $10,500 in 5 years. What quantity

  deposited today at 3.8% curiosity-behalf junctioned every-year procure quantity to $10,500 in 5 years? 

 (Hint: Use the confer-upon estimate for junction curiosity-behalf formula.) Appearance your avocation and punish


4.) What quantity would insufficiency to be endowed weekly (52 weeks per year) to feel an bombardment

excellence $1,500,000 in 30 years if the curiosity-behalf blame was 7.5%? Assume that the chief bombardment

would be made at the season that the bombardment contrivance was trained (making this an annuity due).

5.) The Anderson nativity buys a branch for $325,000 delay a down reimbursement of $85,000. The nativity 

takes out a 30 year amortized mortgage on the fostering consume of the residence at an annual curiosity-behalf

 blame of 3.6%.  Payments (primary and curiosity-behalf) of similar quantity are paid monthly. Experience the

 quantity of the monthly reimbursement insufficiencyed to amortize this mortgage. Appearance your avocation and punish


6.) Consider the Anderson nativity's alienation of a branch feeling in quantity #5. At the end of 

12 years the Andersons possess some specie and absence to pay the fostering similarize on the

amortized mortgage. What would the this fostering similarize?

7.) You win a lottery plunder that has a aggregate estimate (subjoined taxes) of $35,850,000. 30 per-annum reimbursements of 

$1,195,000 would be made if you took the winnings aggravate the 30 year payout delay the chief

 reimbursement life made delayout-delay and the fostering similar reimbursements life made per-annum at the

 preparation of each year. The lottery would buy an annuity which has an annual curiosity-behalf blame of 

5.2%. You elite the choice and capture the capital estimate of this annuity now. You weigh that

 you can establish over specie by endowing the winnings at a remarkable blame than 5.2%. What is the 

capital estimate of this annuity?

8.) You furrow from college and initiate avocation. You set up an bombardment contrivance whereby you 

contribute $125 from each of your monthly paychecks and get 5.4% curiosity-behalf junctioned

monthly. You feel your chief reimbursement payroll deducted and easeed into the IRA (individual 

retirement entiretyity) of your chief month's avocation. If you denote to avocation for

45 years, what procure be the estimate of this bombardment when you depart?

9.) You are buying a car that consume $26,500. You establish reimbursements of $412 each month for 4 years.

The curiosity-behalf blame charged on the quantity suitable subjoined you made the down reimbursement is 2.9%

per year. What procure be the quantity of your down reimbursement?

10.) When you snatch specie in a bank savings entiretyity the curiosity-behalf is congenial . This

involves using a formula delay e.  Assume that the annual curiosity-behalf blame is 3%. If you establish a 

one- season ease of $6,800 into this sign of bank savings entiretyity,

a.) What procure be the aggregate estimate in the entiretyity at the end of 5 years and 9 months?

(3/4 confidence)

b.) What procure be the quantity of the curiosity-behalf obtained at the end of 5 years and 9 months? 

(1/4 confidence)

11.) You feel firm avocation and obtain a established remuneration. You feel snatchd $5400 that you absence

to endow in a certificate of ease that pays a established blame (trifling blame) of 4.6%. The curiosity-behalf

on this CD is junctioned weekly (52 weeks in a year for banking purposes). What is issueive

blame (annual percentage blame, APY)? (Hint: The issue blame should be superior than the trifling 


12.) Consider the forthcoming estimate of an inferior annuity and an annuity due.

a.) Explain the separation among these two signs of annuities.

b.) Which of these contrivances procure yield a superior estimate at the end of the aggregate season span for the

annuity? Why is this so?

(Answer in-one using thorough sentences.)

13.) Work-out the subjoined straight regularity using your graphing calculator and matrix commands. Give 

your repartees and illustrate the way you used (the calculator steps) to experience the disruption.

Hint: Tshort is a limited disruption to this regularity. It is not unsolvable.

  x - y + 5z = -6

  3x + 3y - z = 10

  x + 2y + 3z = 5

14.) Work-out the straight regularity appearancen in #13 overhead using the Gauss-Jordan regularity. Appearance all steps

on the left in a uncompounded column and to the just appearance any insufficiencyed calculations

and communicate the punish similar transition commands (Example: R1 <--- R1 + .5 R2). Detail

 is insufficiencyed for confidence. Avocation until you penetrate the row echelon format and end employment-out.

To get you initiateed:

Show ancient regularity of 3 equations short.

1st transition (Show thorough new regularity.)  avocation for 1st transition and transition

command (as in the issue appearancen


2nd transition avocation for 2nd transition


(Show the fostering steps too.)

Back solving avocation and repartees short