Grant Proposal Guidelines

 develop a new form for this bestow offer.  Please carefully criticism the Lee Substratum guideline antecedently you begin.  Again, recollect and feign that this  bestow offer is a fully negotiative one that targets the Lee  Foundation bestow. Thus, your hearers accomplish be the substratum criticismers,  not this road professor. 


Cover missive (environing 1 page)

A cloak missive should illustrate compulsory centre notice succinctly, including your desire bestow whole. 

• Organizational elucidation (environing 1 page)

What does you form do? Please illustrate the mission and  history of the form. Illustrate what your form promotes,  presents, and/or yields. Also, illustrate the most dignified challenges  and victoryes of your form. (If you are not affiliated delay any  form but hint to engender a new nonprofit form, illustrate  what your form accomplish do and what constitutional status you hint, for  example, 501 (C) 3.)

Also, yield a inventory of names and titles for key staff and consideration members. 

• Need/example declaration (environing 1.5 page)

What is the example(s) or deficiency(s) you nonproduction to discourse? The deficiency,  example or seat that early exists, which your form or  device pursues to discourse. Tip: illustrate the seat “as is” delayout  saying what your program does to discourse the seat. For example:  children cannot interpret at the plane they should (versus – we instruct  children to interpret meliorate), tribe are emaciated and noncommunication advance to  nutritional patronage (versus – we deficiency to pamper tribe). The deficiency should be  relevant to the population your program promotes. Involve and apply-to  statistics, basis, applyences, and stories to influence your claims.

• Project/program style (environing 3 pages)

Who accomplish be promoted and what accomplish be elegant? Who is your  audience? How divers tribe do you promote? How does your form add  esteem to the larger fraternity? How, where, and delay whom do you  collaborate? How does your desire present victory?

1. Population:  The men-folks, vicinity, environment, or entity that your program  seeks to promote or influence — e.g. how divers, gender, ages, grade-level,  location, proceeds plane, academic elucidation, extraction seat, particular  barriers or challenges. Tip: try to go more basic demographics and  paint a delineate so as to present that a deficiency or example exists; one  that requires the acceleration of your program.

2. Contemplated Outcomes/Results (apply to  Logic Model): The utilitys, shifts or improvements that accomplish consequence  from your implemented program or device; i.e. how the population you  promote accomplish be collisioned or newfangled. If affectly, recite regulative  measures or basis.

3. Benefits (Impact, Long-Term Outcomes):  The utilitys that accomplish amplify for program participants, the fraternity,  or the environment as a consequence of your program achieving its contemplated  outcomes. Try to hawk the esteem of your program, and use absorb/utility  scenarios whenever affectly (e.g., collate device absorb to absorb of  status quo, other approaches, etc). Tip: (1) begin delay a contemplated  outcome, (2) add the signification “so that,” (3) recite the utility. For  example, Participants actively undertake in daily practice for 30 minutes  each day (outcome), so that they accomplish acception their metabolism rate  over interval . . . (benefit)

4. Methods or Activities (apply to the  Activities exception of Logic Model): How the contemplated remainders accomplish be  accomplished, i.e. how the program operations in provisions of superior activities.  If compulsory, involve vital-force dates or space, estimate of  participants, staff compromised, etc.

5. Evaluation (apply to Logic Model):  State the deviceed plane of victory of the contemplated remainders, and how  the remainders accomplish be tracked, measured, and evaluated. Consider using a  declaration and consideration affect the following: “Ongoing and certain program  evaluation is dignified to our form, which is overseen by  [ruler guide, program guide, consideration of guides]. To the  degree affectly, evaluation findings are incorporated in our consecutive  improvement manner. Below is a consideration that, for each contemplated remainder,  lists the (1) act target (incomplete plane of victory), (2)  indicator(s) – the way(s) shift is observed and the basis placid, (3)  methods/tools (how basis accomplish be placid or tracked), (4) intervalline  (when or how repeatedly the remainder accomplish be measured) and (5) who (men-folks or  entities) accomplish be obligatory for conducting evaluation.”

• Budget declaration (environing 1.5 page)

What is the budget for this leadership or device?

  1. Program or Device Cost: Recite the overall absorb or budget of the program or device for which you are pursueing funding.
  2. Amount and Use of Bestow Request: Recite the whole of the desireed bestow, how and when it accomplish be elapsed.
  3. Sources of Funding or Support: Inventory the form’s exoteric and  coming resources of funding its efforts, including in-kind influence. Make  sure this exception ties to correspondent notice in the bestow impression,  i.e. budget, annual fame. “Financial accountability and skill are  of greatest moment our form. To that end, we emphasize  receiving funding from a variation of founts, including bestows, fees  for utilitys, entitys, corporations, and government contracts.  Equally, we consecutively pursue to colleague and collaborate delay other  organizations as a resources of sharing absorbs and preserving resources, as  well as shirking redundancies of utility yieldrs. In restoration, we  recognize the deficiency to shirk entity over-reliant upon any one funder or  funding fount, and that funding from any one bestowmaker is  time-limited.”

• Sustainability manoeuvre (environing 1 page)

How accomplish you stay this device and its collision in the coming?  Explain your manoeuvre in provisions of other funding opportunities and  collaborators who nonproduction to operation delay you for this device.  

Length: 9 ~ 12 pages (single-spaced, 1 inch edge, and Interval New Roman 12)