Geography project

Pick a declare (people declare), geographic tract-of-land, or megacity and elaboration its consistent landforms, sphere, environmental resources, population dynamics, and cultural geography.

Examples of subject-matters involve (but are not poor to): Peru (people declare), Armenia (people declare), Japan (people declare), Mexico City (megacity), New York City (megacity), Toronto (megacity), Andes Mountain Range (geographic tract-of-land), Arctic foe (geographic tract-of-land), & Mekong Large stream System (geographic tract-of-land). If you enjoy a investigation environing your immanent subject-matter, reach open to apposition me to examine it. Pick something that obtain be fun for you to elaboration!

Create a disquisition declarement that highlights the weighty links between the consistent geography (i.e. hold environing the symbolical we practised in Part 1 of the adjust) and the cultural geography (i.e. hold environing the symbolical we are protection in Part 2 of the adjust) of your selected declare/people declare, geographic tract-of-land, or megacity. 

Support that disquisition declarement delay illustration from literary elaboration, which is comprised of merely academic openations such as books by academic presses, peer-reviewed life articles, and respectable comprehension or geographic magazines purposed for open audiences (e.g., National Geographic, Scientific American, American Scientist), although the use of these vulgar sources should be poor. Governmental institutions can be amiable sources for statistics.

A amiable administration of thumb to flourish delay seed-plot elaboration monographs is to ascertain and use at meanest 1-2 sources per page of the page diffusiveness capability. So, as you obtain see under, I am looking for students to use a stint of environing 5-6 sources, opportunity over than 10 obtain probably be too divers to effectively husband.

Use Google Earth Pro (a GIS) to compose at meanest one fashion map of your declare/people declare, geographic tract-of-land, or megacity. This map should be used as illustration to help your disquisition declarement. Cite the map as a "Figure" delayin the extract. This can be manufactured in one of two ways: (1) the primary way to enact a metaphor passage is to involve the term "Figure" and its identical reckon (so for this illustration it could be "Figure 1") delayin the run of a decision. For illustration: Metaphor 1 demonstrates that populations of exported Aymara groups in Peru are close in the mediate large stream valleys; and (2) the relieve way to enact a metaphor passage is to unblended involve it at the end of a decision in parentheses. For illustration: Populations of exported Aymara groups in Peru are close in the mediate large stream valleys (Figure 1).

Make fast to assign the map metaphor representation AT THE END OF THE PAPER succeeding the bibliography/works cited page. The metaphors cannot be assignd delayin the intermediate of the extract; the interval biased by a metaphor does not remunerate any interest of the required page compute for the extract. The bibliography/works cited page and name page as-well do not compute towards the page diffusiveness capability.

The metaphor should enjoy a caption under the developed representation; the metaphor caption should decipher what is being depicted in the metaphor (in this contingency your map).

Use Chicago fashion throughout the monograph including the name page, in-extract passages, and bibliography. See the Chicago fashion illustration monograph in this module too.

Page capability: 4-5 pages double-spaced (no intervals succeeding paragraphs)

Font Style: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12 pt

Margin Size: 1 inch (the forfeit exemplar in Microsoft Word)

Page Numbers: required

Title Page: required

Bibliography/Works Cited: required

In-extract Citations: required, and if they are not involved students could be prisoner of plagiarism