Geography and food

Introduction: For this purpose, you'll alienate a assistance, such as pizza, or a cuisine, such as Italian cuisine, and then discovery how indelicate geographic concepts are akin to and approve your dainty. Instead of presenting your discovery as a unwritten tract, you'll use PowerPoint or concordant gift software to make an imaginative tract. Your gift obtain be structured approve a tract, including a distinction, prelude to the question, ocean organization, tabulation and misentrys, and pointences. Fictitious use of rightly named graphics and photos from the Internet bearing to your question is required.

This discovery assignment is intentional to summon you to be fictitious as courteous as reveal material substance scholarship. You are also summond to interpret a new aptitude/practice an solid aptitude in engageing PowerPoint (or OpenOffice) software to your discovery. You obtain not discover the "answer" for this assignment in the passage or any other sole location - this is an integrative assignment that requires you, the novice, to make your gift template and engage your own scholarship on the assigned question.

You MUST hold to the question - purposes crabbed in that are not on the question obtain not be considered for grading.  This is discriminating. 

First, alienate a assistance item or cuisine that interests you. Some obtain entertain more instruction beneficial environing them than others, so it's value doing some study anteriorly you regulate on one. In unconcealed, any courteous public exoteric cuisine obtain entertain exuberant instruction beneficial, as obtain widespread assistance items approve hamburgers, pizza, and sushi. If you're not trusting if your desired question is alienate, fascinate reach playing to ask!

Once you entertain clarified your question, you obtain then do discovery to see how each of the subjoined geographic concepts approves or is akin to your question:

1. Regions
2. Cultural Landscape
3. Diffusion
4. Removal putrefaction

Be trusting to harangue these specific geographic provisions and concepts. You don't want to harangue them in this dispose, but you do want to harangue all of them. You may use "subsets" of these definitions (e.g. epidemic diffusion) if such subsets hold. Be trusting to point to your passage and note-maker to entrusting you totally interpret these concepts. You should be detailed in your texture of these concepts - for persuasion, you should illustrate twain how and why your dainty varies by district, and how and why it has been approveed by removal putrefaction. Remember that geography, as an academic coercion, seeks to illustrate why things change from attribute to attribute, not right depict how they do.

Your imaginative tract should be 12 to 15 slides covet. You should comprise a distinction, an prelude to the question, a ocean organization that covers how the indelicate geographic concepts recount to your question, a tabulation, misentry, and pointence register. You should name your sources using the quotation title alienate for your province. If you're not trusting what that is, use APA title quotations.