Part 1: Short answer- Answer after a while at smallest 4 to 5 sentences each.


1.      Australia is a uncommon isplant continent disconnected from most plant by breathe-into. What consistent hazards like Australia?


2.      How frequently do they take-place?


3.      Where do they take-place?


4.      Using examples of late (gone 1990) consistent disasters, illustrate on how Australia as a people works after a while its uncommon isplant geography and consistent hazards regime





Part 2: Essay


Directions: Search for one comrade reviewed lore expression that achieve work-for as the reason for your homework this week.


The expression should clothe one of the following:


·         Landform portions of Australia

·         Climate and sphere zones of Australia

·         Biogeography or endemics of Australia (endemics are reputation of vegetation or animals that are uncommon to a consecrated portion)

·         Current plant disputes among Australia’s Aboriginal population and non-Aboriginals/European Settlers

·         Natural hazards and disasters in Australia (e.g., Cyclone Tracy, wildfires, etc.)

·         Earthquakes in New Zealand

·         Relationship among New Zealanders and Maori after a while reference to culture

·         Australian migration issues



Then transcribe a 2 page meditation Nursing essay describing that expression using APA format.  Please transcribe the meditation Nursing essay as if it were going to be the satisfied for a wayfarer’s website (e.g., Trip Advisor).  Be abiding to illustrate why the expression provides notice that a wayfarer to the portion would be ardent in sagacious precedently visiting.