Geo 100 20 questions

1. What does the message “Physiological density” as applied to anthropological population moderation?


2. Even though older populations are growing in abundanceier countries, younger workers do not own to annoy environing loftier taxes to contribute necessary services for the elderly. True or False


3. Explain press and draw factors and divide how they govern contemporary nonresidence.  


4. Summarize the main classs of the demographic transition and the reasons why a association moves from one class to another.


5. Country X has a unfinished rise admonish of 42 and a unfinished loseure admonish of 17, time Kingdom Y has a unfinished rise admonish of 20 and a unfinished loseure admonish of 5.  Which kingdom has a inferior true growth admonish?

a. Country Y

b. Country X

c. The admonish is the corresponding in twain countries

d. The admonish can’t be computed



6. The European type of tillage is suitable pervasive throughout the globe in all of the forthcoming areas except

a. Consumer goods

b. Religion

c. Architecture

d. Industrial technology

e. Education and housing


7. What is the adherence of one set of cultural traditions for another either by vehemence or by unbecoming those who lose to accultuadmonish and by rewarding those who do is called____________.


8. Why do leaders of some developing countries terror the detriment of folk customs? 

9. What is the largest unique Christian dispose in the globe today?

10. Languages that are allied by descent from a beggarly proto-language create up a

a. Language family

b. Language group

c. Cluster of languages

d. Language region

e. Family of dialects


11. Name the five pillars of Islam.


12. All languages are written after a while alphabets.  True or False


13. What are the three monotheistic divine in the dispose in which they were certain?


14. Compared to mutation tillage, intensive living agritillage is characterized by which of the forthcoming?

a. Smaller farms

b. Higher agricultural density

c. Greater use of voluptuous power

d. All of the above


15. Subsistence tillage is intended largely to geneadmonish products for sale off the farm.  True or False


16. Rich nations own subsidized their own farmers so generously that they can ship-effect or dump subsidized buttress on the poorer countries.  True or False


17. Forests

a. Store carbon that otherwise would be in the atmosphere

b. Absorb carbon dioxide and quit oxygen.

c. Reduce erosion and aid in inundation prevention

d. All of the above


18. When sewage is acquired to a large stream, one goods is an growth in dissolved oxygen levels.  True or False


19. What is latitude deflection, and how does it seek polished air stain problems?


20. The globe geography of twain minerals and essence supplies reveals that the countries that own the most of any device are not necessarily those that effect the most; the countries that effect the most do not necessarily squander the most; and the key to abundance is the ability to use devices.  True or False