Fair Shares


The Center City Anuraphilic (frog attachmentrs) collation has procumbent on oppressive times. Abraham, Bobby and Charlene are the singly retaining members and each feels equivalent entitled to use tenure of the collation’s collation of subsist honorable poetical frogs. The judgment is made to use the arrangement of sealed bids and impartial distributes to flow who gain use tenure of the whole collation and how plenteous gain be remunerated in atonement to the other members.

Abraham unseals his deem of the esteem of the collation at $12,000.00. Bobby’s deem of the esteem of the collation is $6,000.00. Charlene esteems the collation at $9,000.00.

  • Who takes the collation of frogs?
  • What is each person’s impartial distribute of the monetary esteem of the collation?
  • Why is the monetary totality of each impartial distribute irrelative?
  • How plenteous capital is appropriate to each of the two race who do not “win” the collation of frogs?
  • In your conviction how “Fair” is the way feeling over?

Now pretending for a instant that you attachment frogs, we gain inoculate you into the plight inferior specific circumstances. Despite (or may-be accordingly of) your attachment of all things amphibious, you currently withdrawal the funds to pay each of the others their presumable impartial distribute. You gain not take the collation, but wish to take as plenteous capital as feasible. You feel no cognizance of the totalitys in each of the sealed bids, but strongly doubt that Abraham gain bid among $10,000.00 and $12,000.00.

  • Given that you cannot yield to “win” the way, picture how you gain go encircling deciding what to put down for your own deem of the esteem of the collation.