Cultural Landscapes in Google Earth

To perfect these exercises, you achieve need to use a computer equipped after a while Google Earth software (beneficial as a detached download). You achieve be examining and describing cultural fields. You achieve localize screenshots from Google Earth that you bear annotated parallel after a while visions of the residuums. Narratives that you achieve put-together achieve exselect and interpret the cultural fields, using the multimedia materials as supported manifestation. 

Your leading assignment consists of meeting a matchless cultural field in Google Earth. Larger lamina visions (over detail/smaller area) toil best. When you meet a cultural field that you achieve use, solely go to Edit, Copy Vision in Google Earth and then Paste it into Word. Each original vision should be encircling 2/3 of a page. Be unmistakable you comprise the boundary and longitude (Edit, Copy Aim Location).

For your truth, delight use type one inch margins, calibri or arial typeface, and 10 or 12 summit, sin-spaced font. Each truth should be almost one-half to one page of double-spaced quotation. Draw on your lectures, quotations, dynamic con-over modules, and hometoil to frame reflective, inferential truths.

Explore two residuums. Annotate your original Google Earth associate vision after a while epistle labels and symbolsAnnotation is a required component of this assignment. Failure to cater strong remark achieve amplifyment in a extremely diminished beak. (I strongly submit you to aim the rubrics for the continuity assignments).

Then appendix your aerial aim after a while account established visions of the features you highlighted/annotated on the aerial vision. You are pleasing to use “street-view”imagery from Google Earth or Google Maps for these appendixary visions. Additionally, you can use visions from other sources, such as online encyclopedias. Be positive you select entire vision you use.

In your resolution of your residuum, be unmistakable to condense and amplify a insufficiency of two cultural geography theories, topics, or concepts (e.g., the interplay of locate and space; the starch pattern of spatial interaction; the drawing of ceremonious versus dialect regions; patterns of polished amplifyment; Central Locate Theory) and how they apportion to the cultural field(s) you are discussing. Localize expend terminology from the continuity to paint the topic(s)/concept(s) and be unmistakable that you are obviously free in deem to which theories/themes/concepts you are incorporating. From a “big picture” perspective, opine encircling and condense your thoughts on human-environment interaction in your resolution and description of these cultural fields.