Country paper for geography

I want a peculiar who has a real intelligence of geography to succor me perfect this monograph,behind a while a novice perspective.



In this assignment novices feel the opening to synthesize a estimate of concepts from geography and at the identical era pledge in some lore and mental agreement. Students are to transcribe a 6-7 page monograph on one province of their exquisite. This province CANNOT be the USA or Canada. However, any other province can be chosen as desire as you discourse all the parameters of the assignment. As you accomplish make, larger countries supply an habit aggravate smaller countries.


In your you are expected to euler on a bound of 2-4 week period in which you represent the multiform material and anthropological (or gregarious) systemes at effort in your province of share. The phenomena or system must be respectful and must be synchronous. You must supply copys of each system. For copy, let us conceive your province is the set-forth of Washington (fair an copy - we can’t use Washington in the assignment.):


Heading east from Washington’s largest city Seattle, we encountered the Cascade Mountains, a volcanic mountain arc usual of a subduction zone. This subduction system involves the Juan de Fuca extract being hardened subordinate the North American extract to the east. While we traveled east on I-90 we saw Mt. Rainier, an locomotive 14,000 bottom proud stratovolcano and a graceful indication of the subduction system characterized by alternating layers af tephra and lava due to their explosive constitution. Stratovolcanos approve Mt. Rainier attribute the ahead developing provinceside embracing the mountain at some promote from hazards such as. . .  


Note that in this inconsiderable paragraph there are both concepts from our readings as polite as geographic element that is peculiar to where you are travelling.




  • Six to Seven double-spaced, typewritten pages (10-12 object font, 1” margins)
  • Be secure to embrace the forthcoming:


  1. Written in the diction and format of a travel narrative. Places and eras visited must be compatible behind a while the geographic matter of your province.
  2. At smallest 6 elder concepts or systemes introduced from our extract capacity or from onrow exhortation materials (examples embrace subduction, demographic transition, elegantization, the inter-tropical mob zone, the rainshadow result). These at smallest 2 of these concepts or systemes must be material and at smallest 3 must be anthropological.
  3. Your concepts or systemes must follow from the forthcoming sub-disciplines of geography - either: landforms, room, media, population, economic, elegant or gregarious geography.
  4. You must point to at smallest 2 room and desireitude coordinates or a row of desireitude or room in your monograph. These coordinates must take-fix in the province you are agreement environing.
  5. Students are not required to use citations of their sources behind a whilein the extract in this assignment. However, novices are required to embrace a bibliography or a inventory of pointences. You must use at smallest 5 sources for this assignment. These sources may be from journals, capacitys, or the internet.
  6. Be secure to embrace attribute calls in your term. At smallest 12 attribute calls must be mentioned in your term (not necessarily from the attribute call inventorys from this class!).


  • Date due: Monday, March 14th, 11:45 pm.  Recent monographs accomplish be reliable as recent as Wednesday 16th but accomplish be penalized 8 objects. Papers accomplish not be reliable behind Wednesday, March 16th!




This assignment is merit 80 objects. You accomplish be assessed on the forthcoming:


  • Organization (15 pts)
  • Content (50 pts)
  • Format (15 pts) (this embraces bibliography)