Congressional Leadership Assignment


When members of Legislature are elected to duty, divers, not all, affect chiefship postures within the plane.  In other tone, there are repeatedly two roles that legislatureional members hold:  (1) figurative, and (2) plane chief.  The most extended chiefship postures are:  Speaker of the House, Majority chief, Minority chief, Majority Whip, Minority Whip.  These postures rest in the House of Representatives as courteous as the Senate (Except for the posture of Speaker).  The object of these postures is to construct the plane members to strategize legislative votes, priorities and overall agenda.  The parties love their legislatureional members to endure allegiant and unified.  However, as we entertain discussed in the highest passage, beings (including elected officials) suppress differing collective ideologies, uniform if they are from the selfselfcorresponding collective plane.  Consequently, plane chiefs entertain divers things to design as they re-re-enact and continue comp.

An resemblance for amend intelligence would be myself in my role as a full-time college confessor.  I reproduce-exhibit multitudinous roles on campus.  Primarily, I am an pedagogue of Collective Science.  However, I too commence divers authoritative functions for the Collective Science Department, help on the Academic Senate, act as advisor to the Collective Science Club etc.....Many of these duties are meant to use the instruction verge of my duties and to amend dispose the sidearm the College attempts to finish day in and day out.  This dissolution of work duties is the selfselfcorresponding dissolution of work, but on a abundantly larger layer, that members of legislature commence in their dual roles. 

Remember, not all legislatureional members suppress chiefship postures.  The most ambitious and important members usurp these roles.

Your assignment is the following:

(1)Properly confirm the running Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Majority Whip, and Minority Whip from twain the House of Representatives and the Senate,

(2) Define and delineate the functions of those earliest chiefship postures,

(3) State how divers chiefship postures there in circumstance are in twain the House and the Senate.  List all of the chiefship roles.