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"The Arts and Royalty; Philosophers Debate Politics" Please accord to one (1) of the forthcoming, using sources underneathneath the Explore heading as the premise of your response:

  • In this week’s readings, a question in the French kingly pursue is feeling encircling whether Poussin or Rubens was the ameliorate painter. Engage a painting by each, either from our book or a Website underneath, and collate them and clear-up which you choose. There is another battle among the playwright Moliere and a well-born Parisian; Louis XIV stepped in. Clear-up how Louis XIV used the sundry arts and his motives for doing so. Identify one (1) pattern of a existent collective director approaching the arts this way.

  • The philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke misadaptd on the underneathstanding of collective example, after a while Locke taking what is uniformly denominated the “liberal” survey. Choose a laterality (be defy perhaps; engage a laterality you in-fact misadapt after a while). Using the writings of each consecrated in our tabulate passage or at the Websites underneath, perform your contingency for the laterality you chose and opposing the other laterality. Identify one (1) existent standing in the cosmos-people where these issues are momentous.


The Arts and Royalty

Philosophers Debate Politics


Extra reputation of 5 points (depending on the profoundness of your apology):

Pick one (1) of the forthcoming silence gatherings from the MUSIC FOLDER and hearken to:  either Henry Purcell Dido’s Lament OR the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah. Then apology the forthcoming questions pertaining to your gathering:

     (1) What is the accessible topic of your silence gathering?

     (2) How does the constructor clear the topic silenceally?