Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography for American Politics Lore Review


Students conciliate accomplished an annotated bibliography of their 10 read profession to aid them amend discern the full and discernment of each for their latest lore retrospect on American politics during a local season in fact. 


1. Write a tiny preamble (about 1/2 a page) describing what year in fact and front of American politics you are focusing on for your lore retrospect.

2. Accomplished an annotated bibliography of your 10 read profession according to the UWT Teaching and Learning Center's instructions on the "Basics of an Annotated Bibliography" (this contrivance is beneficial in the progress Canvas modules individuality and at the subjoined link:

Due Date

Please upload your annotated bibliography into Canvas by Monday, May 13th at 11:59 pm.


The 5 points conciliate be established on the subjoined:

1. All 10 sources are scholarly profession 

2. Annotations and Citations of sources are congruous after a while the TLC contrivance instructions (APA, MLA, or Chicago citation styles are grateful)