7 – 8 page paper

Basic Format 

1. 7 pages - 3 pages of digest, 3 pages of discriminating anatomy, and 1/2 page misrecord.

2. 12 font 

3.Times New Roman 12 top font 

4. use subheadings to resemble the sections of the article. - subheadings: preamble, digest, discriminating anatomy, and misrecord. 

5. Use paragraphs that are separated by concept or aim. Each page should keep a poverty of two paragraphs. 


1. substantiate the committers aim (why they wrote the capacity), process  ( how they composed and analyzed basis) and disquisition ( the committers accessible testimony). 

2. present the developed call of the book and the author among the preamble. 

3. to-boot publisher and the year it was published. For sample 

(Cambridge University Press, 2004)

Summary (3 pages) 

1. Break down ability of the capacitys fixed on the committer's structure.

2. Summarize the ability of the capacity giving the committer's testimony, basis, and misrecords.

3. Use compendium paragraphs.

4. Cite in passage using page collection forthcoming the time. For sample (23) 

5. The digest should embrace the committers learning scrutiny, the testimony she or he presents, and their findings. 

Critical anatomy

1. Look at your digest and see the basis and misrecords that your committer has asserted.

2. Challenge the committer's assumption fixed on basis that you keep skilled. Ask yourself the forthcoming scrutinys anteriorly writing:

a. is what the committer is assertion gentleman? why or why not?

b. is there choice basis that challenges the committers assumptions? If so, what basis?

3. Use advice that you keep lea

4. quit i deem or i feel 

5. hold to facts

6. discriminating anatomy should associate tail to capacity top by top. 

misrecord (1/2 page)

1. yield a scanty and overarching opinion of the capacity's digest and your own findings.

2. narrate whether the capacity was accordant after a while after a whileout testimony. 

Book for capacity fame : 

Side note: this is an african politics class. The article should be on things from the perspective of the African husbanding parallel after a while politics impression.