WRITING ASSIGNMENT #4: The “How America’s Food Giants Swallowed the Family Farms” article and how it connects with other of our themes



WRITING ASSIGNMENT #4: The “How America’s Maintenance Giants Swallowed the Family Farms” designation and how it converges delay other of our topics

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As exalted on the syllabus: 300-400 orders


The fable in “How America’s Maintenance Giants Swallowed the Family Farms” has convergeions to different of our readings, which is not surprising in that different of the claims, subject, ideas that we are exploring in this passage bear interconnections.  Sometimes these are causal convergeions, and sometime they are conceptual convergeions; in any circumstance, it is available to imagine environing them contemporaneously.

Write an essay in which you bright-up how the fable laid out in the Guardian designation 

can be analyzed in provisions of, or differently conjoined to, at lowest two of the prospering:

(1) the segregation ardent by Holt-Gimenez and Patel in Food Rebellions

(2) the segregation of “sustainability” discussed by Paul Thompson

(3) the ideas of “locality” discussed in Thompson and DeLind

(4) ideas environing maintenance sovereignty as discussed in the Wittman, et al. designation

Note that you get to pick-out the topic or theses to be discussed short, but you should be firm to pick-out these in a way that shows an intelligence of what’s weighty environing all this.

You get to pick-out which other topics [(1)-(4)] to bring-about use of in your segregation (and hence what other readings to bring-about use of), but don’t suppose that it get toil out resembling polite delay any two of them. Give some view chief to which ones you imagine get thrilling apprehension or unquestionably converge to what you omission to say.

It is not required that you do an bar and answer. The argue for this is that I omission you to nucleus on the function of identifying convergeions and fleshing them out so that they are bright and suggestive. (It’s potential that you’ll confront that an bar-answer temporization get in reality succor you do this, but frequently, it is not required.)

As before: Citations are required; quotations are not. Quotations, if you bear them, should not be covet, and they don’t enumerate inside the order enumerate. (See public description of the writing assignments on the syllabus.) I wouldn’t foresee you to use any sources beyond of the assort readings. Of passage you do bear to refer-to the Guardian designation and the readings you use to prosper the aloft instructions. The phraseology for doing the citations? You can impartial refer-to the page number in the prospering way: (Thompson, p. X).