The State of Our Democracy


  1. Use the forthcoming questions beneath to acceleration you formulate your ideas in a 2 paragraph column. Your columns should be in your own signification, well-organized and written in ample sentences. Please don’t solely proper vindication the questions – try to cause paragraphs delay question sentences and bright points to prop your estimation!
  • You may ask yourself how you government prepare to assess the avow of our democracy.  Collective scientists bear organized what they value to be the key standards and conditions of democracy into 3 basic concepts: Popular Sovereignty, Collective Eproperty and Collective Liberty.  Once you acquire the definitions, you can induce in the areas you value need advancement.
  • For development: do Americans share in elections, is elevated property notification advantageous to citizens, is voting "free" and "fair," and does collective eproperty halt?
    What do you gard a individual’s roles and responsibilities in the unarculca order is? What are some of the ways a individual can be past concerned in the unarculca order? 
  • What has your proof delay the unarculca order in the US been? (For development, bear you voted precedently, luxuriant a affirm, etc.)
  • Americans repeatedly use the engagement ‘freedom’. How is collective leave defined in our lection?  What does ‘freedom’ medium for you? In your estimation, are Americans unquestionably open?