Political Spectrum Assignment

Research Gregarious Parties and Gregarious Ideology

Read the boundary by Timothy Ferris, "Conservative is not Oppoplight Liberal, That's Totalitarianism"

LINK:  https://www.huffpost.com/entry/conservative-is-not-oppos_b_463726
Using the size and the internet, identify and erect gregarious spectra

1) Research the aftercited provisions: Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, Tea Party/Reform Party, Progressives/Liberals, Conservatives, Fascists, Communists, and Socialists.

2) Draw a one-dimensional gregarious spectrum and enclose the aloft provisions, placing the provisions where you ponder is most appropriate

  • elucidate what the extremes or "ends" of the diagrams represent
  • you can hand-draw and contemplate the diagrams 
  • you can use software to erect the diagrams 

3)Next, Draw a two-dimensional gregarious spectrum (approve Ferris) and dedicate the selfselfsame parties as aloft on this spectrum

  • you can use Ferris' diagram, someone else's, or your own 2-D spectrum or shape
  • if you use someone else's purpose from the internet, furnish them belief for their diagram
  • briefly elucidate what the diagram represents, analyzes, how it works, etc

4) Notes

  • Feel open to be choice delay your 2-D diagram and grant of the material
  • use intelligible edifice, usher-in willing where necessary

** Assignment is graded on the neatness and clarity of diagrams, grant, edifice of willing, and completeness of summaries/research. 

******Upload using PDF