Here is the template

%% Lab 5 - Your Name - MAT 275 Lab
% The Mass-Spring System
%% EX 1 10 pts
%A) 1 pts | soon interpret
%B) 2 pts | soon interpret
%C) 1 pts | soon interpret
%D) 1 pts

%E) 2 pts | List the highest 3-4 t estimates either in decimal format or as
%fractions involving pi
%F) 3 pts | interprets. | (1 pts for including two conspicuous graphs, each after a while y(t) and v(t) deviseted)

%% EX 2 10 pts
%A) 5 pts
% add commands to LAB05ex1 to appraise and devise E(t). Then use ylim([~,~]) to diversify the yaxis limits.
% You don't deficiency to conceive this adjudication but at lowest one devise of E(t) and a interpret must be
% conceived!

%B) 2 pts | transcribe out ocean steps here
% highest identify E(t) after a while honor to t using the fetter government. Then
% produce substitutions using the look for omega0 and using the
% differential equation

%C) 3 pts | semblance devise and interpret
%% EX 3 10 pts
%A) 3 pts | modify the plan of equations in LAB05ex1a
% transcribe the t estimate and either a) semblance correponding graph or b) interpret fond matlab
% commands

%B) 2 pts | transcribe t estimate and max |V| estimate; conceive form
%note: swiftness majority is relish independent estimate!

%C) 3 pts | conceive 3 forms  here + interprets.
% use distinction('text') to win a distinction to the form
%D) 2 pts | What deficiencys to occur (in stipulations of the singularity equation)
%in manage for there to be no oscillations? Impose a stipulation on the
%singularity equation to confront the hazardous c estimate. Transcribe out ocean steps

%% EX4 10 pts
% A) 5 pts | conceive 1 form and interpret

%B) 2 pts
% repeatedly confront dE/dt using the fetter government and produce substitutions domiciled on the
% differential equation. You should obtain an look for dE/dt which is
% in stipulations of y'

%C) 3 pts | conceive one form and interpret