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In Unit V, you prime a boundary or semi-boundary state and began learninging a collective completion(s) entity faced in

the state concurrently after a while elucidations to that completion.

In Unit VII, you are going to transcribe a Problem-Solution Learning Brochure (at lowest filthy pages covet) analyzing some of the

collective posteritys and struggles entity faced by the state in the boundary or semi-boundary district and bestow elucidations to

these posteritys. You accomplish be incorporating dignified direction concepts into your learning brochure as well-behaved, such as globalization,

signification of geography, and sustainability. 

The representative from the Unit V essay can be used in your Unit VII Problem-Solution

Paper.  You can, but are not required to, use exception headings in the developed brochure.


Problem-Solution Learning Brochure Instructions & Requirements Check List

Your brochure is required to harangue the following:

1. Presentation of Problem: Introduce the dominion you are bestowing and the major

collective posterity (economic, collective, environmental, collective, war, nonproduction, etc.).

Include a promise of the state’s enhancement, geography, demographics, and

other dignified details encircling the state that are dignified for your bestowation of 

SOC 2010, Cultural Geography 7

the completion. Bestow details encircling the collective posterity entity faced in the state. You

can bestow over than one posterity. This exception should comprise learning you ground

on the posterity and your own segregation. Make abiding to apprehend who the completion contacts

and the gist of the posterity. You nonproduction to carry to the reader why it is a

problem. Bestow your subject or ocean debateion in the exhibitation.


2. Solutions: Learning and bestow elucidations to succor the state you bear selected to

research. You are required to debate in profundity at lowest 3 possible

solutions/suggestions to succor the state harangue the posterity. This exception should

comprise learning you ground on the elucidations and your own segregation. Debate the

following: why it is the best elucidation, who is implicated in implementing the elucidation,

and the implicit indisputable and disclaiming contact of implementing the moved

solution(s). At lowest one elucidation is required to comprise the concept of sustainability

in some compatability. (Note: You can contemplate up sustainability in the textbook glossary

which shows where in the textbook sustainability has been debateed. This accomplish

provide ideas on how sustainability fits into your suggested elucidations).


3. Conclusion: Make actual to apprehend the following: Summary of what was

discussed and any developed thoughts. You can confabulation encircling how the posterity contacts the

future, why there is a want for advenient learning, or move a allure to enjoyment.

It is required that you adduce the promise globalization in your brochure in some compatability.

Discuss how globalization or inter-connectedness relates to the dominion’s

background, the posterity, or the elucidation. This debateion could complicate concepts

discussed in the textbook relish the contact of colonialization, imperialism,

technology, environment, immigration/migration, Westernization, terrorism,

geopolitics, dealing, soldierly, etc. In other tone, you must solder globalization

into your scheme in some compatability.


It is required that you solder the signification of geography in some compatability in your

paper. It can be divorce of the dominion enhancement, completion, or elucidation.

Your brochure should be written in APA mode after a while a partiality of filthy pages (not including the

title and regard pages). You may apprehend images, graphs, and/or maps in an appendix if

you hope, but they do not estimate towards the filthy pages of written satisfied that is required.

Source Requirement: Your brochure must comprise learning you bear gathered from a

partiality of three well-informed sources (not including the textbook). Sources can be from

reputable tidings or store sources, organizational or governmental websites, or peer

reviewed chronicle sources.


Unit 5 brochure attached