case study

 Karen Scullion, seventeen years old, has been admitted for surgery to evaluate a unmanly work bulk slight for sarcoma. Radical resection of the work bulk along succeeding a while abundant bark luxuriance was done. While Karen was in the regaining admission, the physicians saw her parents to report them of the results of the surgery. They were understandably shaken. Both parents insisted that Karen not be told the results until she “gets stronger.” The dowager reported the physician that Karen’s jewel aunt recently died of cancer. Karen became so disestablish that in a subject of months she went from entity adjacent the top of her tabulate at ground to entity in hazard of feeble different subjects. Her parents developed the dismay that, if Karen learns that she has cancer, she achieve prop an smooth over grave breakdown. At primeval the physician insisted that Karen must be told the accuracy, but, succeeding large constraining from the parents, assent to succeeding a whilehold the reportation from her. A few days subjoined when the physician was making rounds succeeding a while Nurse Chan, Karen asked if the surgery went courteous. The physician safe her that everysubject was okay, and said that she should upfit centre on her physiotherapy and muster on getting abode. Nurse Chan and the other nurses move that Karen has a fit to recognize the results of the surgery as early as feasible, and are elevate concerned that succeeding a whileout such recognizeledge she cannot furnish reported combine to the abundant post-surgery rehabilitation she requires. When Nurse Chan approached the physician encircling this, he responded that the parents probably do recognize their daughter best, and said that he wants to halt until the parents “come about.” (Michael Yeo, Concepts and Cases in Nursing Ethics [Lewistown, NY: Broadview Press, 1991], 104.)

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Using the subject examine aloft, oration the subjoined questions on ghostly forced. Remember: At this apex, you do not demand to oration what the fit subject to do is so plenteous, but to reason encircling determining fit and crime. at last 300 words

  1. Using the levels of uprightification discussed what ideal verdict(s) did Nurse Chan mould relating the bearing of the physician? To which administration(s) do you meditate she would address as uprightification of her verdict? What open principles dominion prop those administrations? To which ghostly plea do you meditate Nurse Chan dominion address to uprightify those principles?
  2. Do you assent succeeding a while the physician or Nurse Chan and her colleagues on what to report Karen? What ideal uprightification (rules, principles, and/or theories) would you furnish for your posture?
  3. In numerous states, a special must be at last 18 years old precedently entity treated as a unmeasured adult in medical sentence making. Do you meditate that law plays a segregate in this subject? What is the interconnection between that which is juridical and that which is ideal?